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Cheque Payment
Cheque Payment
Make Cheque to:- NZSERVERS LTD
Postal Address
NZServers Ltd
3 McLean Drive
Leithfield, 7481
New Zealand
Not Transferable
For your own protection if you send a cheque please make the cheque payable to 'NZservers Ltd' and cross the cheque adding the words 'Not Transferrable' or 'A/C payee only' or both and make sure you put a line through 'or bearer'
This means the cheque can only be banked into an A/C belonging to NZservers Ltd.


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Reference: If you are paying an Invoice enter the invoice no as the reference. If you are paying more than one invoice enter the invoice Numbers followed by a comma. If you are paying a statement balance then enter "Balance" as the reference.
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